Maintenance and fix service for Pilates equipment


PilatesRepair carries out maintenance, repair and tuning of any Pilates equipment from the best known brands, being able to count on the know-how acquired in over ten years of activity in the construction and installation of Pilates equipment and on machinery and proprietary gears intended exclusively for the assembly and repair of Pilates equipment.

Pilates equipment can be maintained on site, ie directly at the Pilates studio where repairs are required, or transported to PilatesRepair workshop, depending on the type of operation or assistance required. Repair and maintenance operations are performed throughout Europe, based on the prices shown in the table >

We maintain the Pilates equipment from the most famous brands

Maintenance and fix  operations are carried out on the Pilates equipment of the best known brands, strictly respecting the static and dynamic characteristics of the particular tool and faithfully preserving the properties.

The materials used in the repair and maintenance of equipment for Pilates are based on maximum strength, reliability and durability, thanks to the use of metal alloys resistant to fretting and oxidation such as ASI 316 steel for the hooks, to the rust-resistant treatments for springs and to upholstery in faux leather closed cell material with antibacterial, water-repellent, flame retardant and free of thalates features.

We maintain and repair the Pilates equipment of the most famous brands.

Pilates equipment fix – ordinary and specialized maintenance

  • Tuning of all Pilates equipment
  • Verification of the joints of parts and inserts of the Pilates equipment
  • Check the tightening of screws and bolts of the Pilates equipment
  • Lubrication of moving parts and mechanisms of Pilates equipment
  • Basic and advanced maintenance of the Pilates equipment
  • On-site repair of Pilates equipment
  • Repair of Pilates equipment in our headquarter workshop
  • Renewal of the equipment for Pilates
  • Update and replacement of upholstery and padding for Pilates equipment
  • Renewal of the customization of the Pilates equipment
  • Installation restoration or upgrade based on customer’s specifications
  • "Courtesy Reformer" or "Courtesy Cadillac" service