Why is the maintenance of Pilates equipment so important?


The initial investment made by each Pilates studio during the purchase of its equipment is certainly an excellent reason to take care of your equipment. But certainly not the only one.

Each instructor knows, in fact, that his equipment for the practice of Pilates – especially the most important ones – are subject, during routine use, to significant stresses caused by the weight of the human body and the forces generated during the practice of exercises . Improper maintenance or an unexpected break caused by wear or a load that is no longer tolerable by a worn mechanism can jeopardize the most important dowry for any Pilates study: customer safety.

Correctly maintaining your Pilates equipment allows you to always get the most out of your Reformer, your Cadillac or the Wall Unit and all the Pilates gear: it also affects the performance of your students and your success as a trainer.

Taking care of the Pilates equipment according to an ordinary maintenance program allows you to extend not only the life of your equipment, but also to protect the image of your practice and the profession of trainer, taking care, ultimately, of the health of your students.

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